The majority of BSSA's events is planned by its six committees. Each committee, consisting of two co-chairs
and their selected committee members, plans their own set of events throughout the year.
We highly encourage you to apply to become a committee member as you have the unique opportunity of
getting to know a smaller group of BSSA members more closely and play an active role
in developing events for other UCSD students to enjoy.

Every committee has an unique application process, so please contact the respective
Committee Co-Chairs for more information on how to join!


Annual Events Committee

Annual Events Committee plans BSSA's largest, yearly events such as the Professional Student Mixer, Earth Day, and End of the Year Banquet. These events often attract many students beyond the BSSA community, making them a pleasure for all of campus to enjoy.

Email Our Annual Events Co-Chairs: Tiffany | Katie

Mentorship Committee

Mentorship Committee plans events that are catered to helping students (like freshmen and transfers) transition to UCSD with events like campus scavenger hunts and What I Wish I Had Known. It also hosts BSSA's Mentor-Mentee Program, which pairs underclassmen with more experienced upperclassmen so they are empowered with the comfort of having a person to guide them throughout their year.

Email Our Mentorship Co-Chairs:
Katelyn | Tvisha

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) empowers students to develop themselves professionally with various workshops that help students create resumes, master interview skills, practice public speaking, and more!

Email Our PDC Co-Chairs:
Lydia | Noelle

Social Committee

Social Committee aims to create a welcoming and friendly BSSA community with fun events so members can get to know each other. They host multiple food runs, board game nights, inter-committee socials, and more!

Email Our Social Co-Chairs:
Edric | Claudia

Volunteer Committee

Volunteer Committee organizes a plethora of community service events in the greater San Diego area--helping those on and off-campus. They have previously hosted service events at the Revelle Community Garden, Feeding San Diego Food Bank, Walk for Animals, and Richland Elementary School.

Email Our Volunteer Co-Chairs:
Megan | Brittney

Publicity Committee

Publicity Committee is BSSA's creative hub, home to members who enjoy design and photography. With their hard work, our events are aesthetically advertised on campus and Facebook as well as taking photos to encapture the spirit of our BSSA events.

Email Our Publicity Co-Chairs:
Annie | Henry

Want to Get to Know Your Committee Co-Chairs?

Visit our officer page to meet our co-chairs and other officers!