BSSA boasts a large number of student-run committees that continue to educate,
enrich, and empower the UCSD student population. Joining a committee is highly encouraged in order to allow
members to form valuable connections with their peers and make an active impact on the campus around them.
Every committee has an unique acceptance system, so please contact the respective Committee Heads
for more information on how to join!

Annual Events Committee

Mission Statement:

Our committee hosts the five signature events for BSSA throughout the school year. They are: Professor-Student Mixer, Alumni-Student Mixer, Biology Career Fair, Earth Day and Senior Reception. We, Nikhil and Vineet, strongly encourage you to join our subcommittee. We have a lot planned for you! Being a part of the Annual Events subcommittee will shower you with leadership experience, enhanced teamwork and communication skills, networking opportunities, and much more. We will have weekly meetings and quarterly socials as well. Our committee is open to everyone and while it will be hard work, it will also be very rewarding.

Professor-Student Mixer: Meeting and getting to know professors on a personal level can be a challenge here at UCSD since classes are filled to the brim. That’s why we have this amazing mixer! We’ll be having 10-15 professors ranging from the bio, chem and physics departments who’ll be offering their words of wisdom and advice.

Alumni-Student Mixer: This event contains professionals from all walks of life! You’ll get to converse with UCSD graduates, medical students, and professionals from other areas as well!

Biology Career Fair: Are you looking for a summer internship or post-graduation job? Or, are you looking for an undergraduate research opportunity? This event is a perfect opportunity to meet UCSD faculty members and representatives from biotech companies who are looking to hire students like you.

Earth Day: Stay tuned! The details of this event are a surprise! ;)

Senior Reception: Our final event of the year and it's a big one! It’s a send off to all our graduating bio major seniors! It’ll be a classy event filled with performances, speakers and much more!

Vineet Tummala

Hi! My name is Vineet and I am a third year student at Revelle College pursuing a degree in General Biology. I’m from the Bay Area and love supporting the Golden State Warriors (who are clearly better than the Cavs)! My hobbies include reading books, playing sports, listening to rap music, and watching movies. Join my committee if you want to know who my favorite singer is (Trust me, you will be surprised). One of my goals for the future is to attend medical school. As your Annual Events Co-Chair, I plan to co-host monumental events that will help you professionally and socially. My ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on your UCSD experience! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at

Nikhil Sinha

Hey everyone I’m Nikhil! I’m a third year gen bio major from Marshall college. My current career goal is to become a sports physician for an NBA or NFL team (dream big! haha). I really enjoy watching and playing sports. I play pretty much any sport out there. My favorites are basketball, tennis and football. As far as my favorite sports teams go, I’m a huge Lakers and Chargers fan. I’m a huge movies/TV junkie as well. Comedies are my favorite. If you need any good recommendations, hmu! I’m very passionate about the sciences and about learning in general and I would consider myself a workaholic, although I find it important to take out time to relax and socialize. Some of my other hobbies include: meditation, yoga, hiking, men's fashion, writing, reading, and listening to all types of music (my expertise is in hip hop). As BSSA’s Annual Event’s Co-Chair, I look forward to working with you and doing all that I can to give you the best experience possible! If you have any questions, please email me at or hit me up on social media. (FB&Messenger: Nikhil Sinha, Insta&Twitter: @niktheslick, Snap: @nikhilsinha123)


First Year Programs Committee

Mission Statement:

The mission of the First-Year Programs committee is to provide more resources for freshman and transfer students, and to be more inclusive to newer members of both UCSD and of BSSA! We hope to facilitate an environment that stimulates networking and creates friendships all within the process of joining the BSSA family. In this committee, we will mainly work on planning events for the mentor and mentee program, and will also touch upon various other subjects that may pertain to first year students on campus!

The First-Year Programs Committee (FYPC) will consist of a group of involved students who will collaborate with each other to brainstorm events for freshman and transfer students within BSSA! Through interacting with others, students can make live their plans for current and future students, and set a standard for incoming students next year. The main program that FYPC will host is the Mentor-Mentee program, which allows students with less experience in the biological sciences field to gain more exposure through engaging with more active upperclassmen. Joining this program has benefits such as being able to ask mentors about advice about future career choices, college lifestyle and experiences, and more! Having someone to provide guidance throughout a student’s career path definitely puts those who are in this program at an advantage, as well as showing eagerness and interest in future health careers. We hope to meet many motivated and active students in the fall, as we look forward to your contributions to this program!

Claudia Yan

My Co-Chair Belinda and I have a lot of great events planned because what we wanted this year was to really focus on freshman involvement in BSSA. For starters, I really want to focus on the mentor-mentee program this year because I think it is useful to have upperclassman guide underclassman because they truly know, first hand, what it’s like. For me, freshman year was a completely new thing for me. I didn’t really know anyone here at UCSD and having a mentor really allowed me to feel at home. I hope to create the same experience in the incoming class so that they, too, can find a sense of community at UCSD. Not only was I able to find my community with my mentor but I found community in my peers, as I spent more time with them planning events for the Freshman Programs Committee. It was also a great opportunity to get involved and to meet people I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise.


Belinda Liu

Hi, my name is Belinda Liu, and I will be one of the Co-Chairs of the First Year Programs Committee! I am a second year (sophomore) in Revelle College, and I’m so excited to be part of BSSA for the upcoming year! Our goal in the First Year Programs committee is to create various platforms for first year students to socialize, and to provide many academic resources found within the BSSA community. We will mainly be focusing on the Mentor and Mentee Program, in which mentees will be assigned a mentor who has similar career aspirations or similar interests. I hope that through this program, we will be able to create more meaningful friendships between mentors and mentees, and also expand the program so that more people are involved! We hope to meet many motivated and active students in the fall, as we look forward to your contributions to this program!


Professional Development Committee

Mission Statement:

The Professional Development Committee strives to educate biology undergraduates about potential careers and refine their professional skills. We provide opportunities to explore a plethora of career options and offer individuals with the support they need to successfully transition from their education to a desired occupation. Our committee hosts events geared to enhance leadership skills, communication abilities, collaboration, and other valuable professional competencies. All are welcome to join and participate in our committee.

Jake Sy

Hello! My name is Jake and I am a second year Biochemistry and Cell Biology major from Marshall College. I’ve spent my whole life growing up in Los Angeles till I came to SD for college. Coming down to SD meant a change in environment and I’ve picked up many hobbies and interest I have yet to master, such as longboarding, biking, photography/video editing, surfing (in the near future) to name a few! I aim to attend medical school after college and become a physician. Serving as your Professional Development Committee Co-Chair, I aim to provide a fulfilling experience in which you can grow personally and professionally, ready to tackle the world after college. I look forward to learning both from and alongside you all as this year progresses; together we’ll continue taking the next step in prepping for the next stage in life. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at, I look forward to seeing you all in the fall!

Benjamin Chan

Hello! I’m Ben and I am a second year Revelle student seeking a degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. I grew up in the Sacramento and aspire to attend graduate school to become a researcher. Though a biology major, I am constantly interested in mathematics, physics and business. In my spare time, I enjoy playing table tennis, listening to a diverse array of music, playing strategy board games, and watching football. As your Professional Development Committee, I hope to make your career goals a reality, and have an amazing time doing it. Regardless of your year or passion, all of us have something to learn the professional world and ourselves. Together we will strive to become the best and most electrifying version of ourselves. If you have any concerns, questions, or want to know more about our organization to contact me at

Social-Activities Committee

Mission Statement:

The goal of the Social Activities committee is to keep up the “spirit” of BSSA and all undergraduate biology majors through hosting social events that are fun, interesting, and encourage bonding. With the help of committee members, ideas for new social events can be gathered and implemented, and ideas for improving past year's’ social events can be utilized. In the long-run, the Social Activities committee hopes to increase the relationship of BSSA to the individual as that of a supportive family culture. We hope the friendships and bonds our committee fosters will contribute towards enthusiasm for active membership, and long-lasting relationships and memories.

The social committee is dedicated to hosting events where people of both biology majors and even non-biology majors can come together and get to know one another and have a good time. We know that some people are not from San Diego and therefore we host events where people can get to know San Diego and have it be like their second home and BSSA their second family! We will have events such as boba/food runs, sightseeing, hiking, ice skating, bowling, zoo trip…and much more. We will have social events within our committee, have multi-committee events, and even one with everyone in general. If you find stuff in San Diego you want to try but do not have anyone to go with…we will take any suggestions on things to do and try to make it happen. Get to know your fellow bio members and have an awesome school year. We even have annual study sessions before finals so that we can all have the support of one another to do well. Remember, you need to have a balance between having fun and doing school work.

Brittney Trinh

Hey everybody! I’m Brittney and I am a molecular biology major from Revelle. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, listening to music (open to hear any new suggestions), eating out, or just being outside in general. My goal as your co-social activities chair is to help make your college experience a little more fun, by taking a break from studying and have a great time with friends. No one is excluded some come out to our events!

I was very involved in high school with a club that they became like my second family and coming into college I wanted to still have a group like that. After going to the first GBM of BSSA, I could see how close all the members were and how they have an enjoyable time together. I continued to go to many of the events that BSSA hosted, and even joined two committees. This allowed me to get closer to the other members and even made new friends. I saw how the members of the club was both supportive in and outside of the organization and it is something I cherish very much.


Jarrod Yee

As a freshmen, I recall my first interaction with BSSA was attending the Fall 2016 General Body Meeting. At the end of that first GBM, I was deeply impressed -- and inspired -- by a student organization truly dedicated to its mission, and led by a group of passionate officers who all took pride in their work. I chose to join BSSA because I was eager to emulate similar values in myself: I wanted to experience personal growth and contribute meaningfully to my college community. So far, working with BSSA has helped me grow as a motivated individual, and has encouraged me to constantly try and learn from new experiences. But in my spare time (which I still have), I play guitar and badminton!


Volunteer Committee

Mission Statement:

Previously, volunteering has not had a strong presence within BSSA. For this year, our mission is to bring a myriad of volunteering events that will hold the interest of Biology majors on campus to BSSA. From meaningful events such as blanket making for children in hospitals, to beach cleanups, the Volunteer Committee hopes to engage as many branches of interest within the Biology field as possible. Since this is the start to something new for BSSA Volunteering, the committee encourage all sincerely interested pioneers to participate and help create something big!

Anh Nguyen

Hi, I’m Anh; I love movies and long walks on the bea…—Oh wait, this is not that type of intro? O oops lmaoo. In all seriousness though, I love movies: romcom, indies, thriller, mystery, scifi, and especially horror (but only if someone watches them with me). I don’t really watch TV shows, but convert me pls and ty. I’ve always been more on the artsy side, so I’d do a lot of reading and painting, and dabble into photography and literally anything that’s able to hold my attention for more than .25 seconds. I also like to run and go on spontaneous adventures…to In and Out :):):)…but I guess nature’s cool too HAHA. I secretly love math, but that’ll be our secret. In the end, my true love lies with the sciences. As Volunteer Co-chair of BSSA, I aim to use that love to foster a common bond among the members by offering fun events that will hopefully make everyone feel like we have made a positive impact on our community.


Jacqueline Chang

Hello there! My name is Jacqueline Chang, and I am a third year Public Health major and General Biology minor from Muir college. I joined BSSA freshman year and have loved every part of it! This is the organization that gave me valuable friendships, countless amazing experiences, and a challenge to grow academically, professionally, and personally. I am delighted to be one of this year’s Volunteer Co-Chairs, and look forward to providing you fun and meaningful volunteer opportunities. Besides BSSA, I enjoy swimming, playing volleyball, painting, and reinforcing the phrase “treat yo self”. Feel free to email me at, concerning any question or suggestions. I hope to work alongside you and help make your time with BSSA memorable!

Publicity Committee

Mission Statement:

The Publicity Committee aims to promote the values and events of BSSA, and efficiently inform the UCSD community through flyers, posters, social media, and social gatherings. We strive to create a committee that is dedicated and passionate towards the culture and goals of BSSA, and to as well provide an environment in which members feel comfortable to express their full potential and find support from their colleagues. This committee encourages members and participants to voice out their opinions, ideas, and feedback so that we can continue to provide accommodating, beneficial, and enjoyable events and resources for everyone.

Kimelton Kim

Hello! My name is Ton and I am currently a Junior from Eleanor Roosevelt College, majoring in Physiology and Neuroscience. I strive to become a Neurosurgeon someday.

I enjoy watching various series, from action to drama! I am also a fan of sports, especially volleyball, basketball, surf, golf, and swimming! I also love dogs (especially Huskies!), coffee, ice-cream and popcorn! When I joined BSSA last year, the people were very welcoming and supportive, and I was able to create genuine relationships and bonds. My goal this year is to revamp the publicity and marketing of BSSA through dedication, commitment, passion, creativity and adventure. I look forward to a fruitful year filled with learnings, life lessons, friendships, and excitement! I believe that there is no impossible task, so if you have any ideas or suggestions about our publicity and events, let us know! We are always up for a challenge and open for your opinions!