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Want to see one of your favorite biology professors get pied in the face?! Participate in BSSA's Pie-A-Professor fundraiser/charity event! Look for donation boxes outside of specific lecture halls during weeks 3-6 and donate money for the professor you want to see get pied the most! Professor who raises the most money will get pied Week 10 in Revelle Plaza (more details later)! 20% of the funds will be donated to San Diego Brain Injury Foundation (SDBIF). For more information check out, SDBIF's website. Help out and be part of the fun!

Current Standings:

As Tuesdsay Week 6, James Cooke is in the lead, with Keefe Reuther in second!!!

Upcoming events

Pie-A-Professor Fundraiser: Monday, April 11 - April 25
Cinco De Bio: 5:30 - 6:30 Thursday, May 5 at York 3010
Ice Cream Social: Monday, April 16 at 1:30pm at Red Shoe Room PC
Senior Reception: 5:30 pm Tuesday, May 3 at PC East Ballroom
BSSA Zoo Trip: Saturday, May 21 meet at Peterson Loop at 10 am

Attention all seniors!! BSSA will be selling stoles from the Division of Biological Sciences for $30!

We have a 3 day return policy, but we guarantee you will love your Biology Graduation Stole!

For more information feel free to email us at ucsdbssa@gmail.com or click the link above.

Educate: Help you learn about all of the resources available here at UCSD as an undergraduate biology major.
Enrich: Enrich your years here at UCSD through volunteer and social events. (College goes by fast!)
Empower: Empower you with the skills and experience to stand out amongst the crowd when applying in today's competitive post-graduate world.

With more than twenty percent of the University of California, San Diego’s undergraduate population declared as biology majors, the Biological Sciences Student Association (BSSA) plays a crucial role in expanding opportunities and enhancing the overall educational and social experiences of these students during their time here. In addition, BSSA assists in preparing students for a wide range of career opportunities. UCSD biology graduates go on to careers in many fields. Besides becoming scientists and physicians, they are teachers, administrators, health care professionals, business people, and lawyers. BSSA, which complements our strong degree programs, is run by a board of officers and receives administrative support from the Dean’s Office.

Get involved!

If you are interested in getting more involved in BSSA, joining a committee is a great way to! For more information, check out the individual committee pages in the top page.

Annual Events Committee: Planning 1-2 quarterly HUGE EVENTS (100+ people). Also interacts with professors and alumni!
Freshman Programs Committee: Making programs to help freshman out! Will occasionally work with Social Activities and Mentor Mentee Chairs. Everything social!
Professional Development Committee: Helping BSSA students get ahead (workshops, conferences, etc)! Networking opportunities with faculty and alumni.
Publicity Committee: Behind the scenes. Creative thinking making advertisements. Will work with multiple committees to help out with their events!
Volunteer Committee: Making a world a better place. Events involving animals, environmental health, and all sorts of humanitarian events.

The main goals of BSSA are to:

  • Outreach to incoming and returning biology majors and minors on campus to promote both membership and event/program participation
  • Provide a series of events and programs that support biology majors’ educational goals and broaden and enhance their overall experience at UCSD, thus serving as the first step in a lifelong relationship between the Division and our students
  • Increase meaningful interaction between biology students, faculty and alumni through small group and one to one interactions
  • Offer expanded programs and information on career options and advanced education opportunities for biology majors
  • Provide valuable leadership opportunities for biology majors that will serve them well in their future endeavors
  • Further develop BSSA’s visibility on and off campus with various constituencies including faculty, students, organizations, the administration, and area high schools
  • Have a scientific joke?

    Email us and it might appear on our home page!