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Thank you to all who purchased and congratulations on graduating!

About BSSA

We are an organization dedicated to improving the education of UCSD’s biology undergraduate population by providing programs that enrich personal, academic, and professional growth. We are a place where you can make friends, connections, and opportunities and we hope to help you find your passion in biology. BSSA is a resource for you to utilize during your time here at UCSD!

We strive to

Educate: Help you learn about all of the resources available here at UCSD as an undergraduate biology major.
Enrich: Enrich your years here at UCSD through volunteer and social events. (College goes by fast!)
Empower: Empower you with the skills and experience to stand out amongst the crowd when applying in today's competitive post-graduate world.

With more than twenty percent of the University of California, San Diego’s undergraduate population declared as biology majors, the Biological Sciences Student Association (BSSA) plays a crucial role in expanding opportunities and enhancing the overall educational and social experiences of these students during their time here. In addition, BSSA assists in preparing students for a wide range of career opportunities. UCSD biology graduates go on to careers in many fields. Besides becoming scientists and physicians, they are teachers, administrators, health care professionals, business people, and lawyers. BSSA, which complements our strong degree programs, is run by a board of officers and receives administrative support from the Dean’s Office.

BSSA's main goals are to

  • Outreach to incoming and returning biology majors and minors on campus to promote both membership and event/program participation
  • Provide a series of events and programs that support biology majors’ educational goals and broaden and enhance their overall experience at UCSD, thus serving as the first step in a lifelong relationship between the Division and our students
  • Increase meaningful interaction between biology students, faculty and alumni through small group and one to one interactions
  • Offer expanded programs and information on career options and advanced education opportunities for biology majors
  • Provide valuable leadership opportunities for biology majors that will serve them well in their future endeavors
  • Further develop BSSA’s visibility on and off campus with various constituencies including faculty, students, organizations, the administration, and area high schools

Joining a BSSA Committee

Want to get more involved with our org? Want to develop your interpersonal skills, gain leadership experience, and HAVE FUN while doing it? Join one of our event planning committees! You will get to work with the committee head(s) and take part in the event-planning process. You will get to incorporate your ideas and see what it takes to put on these events for the student community!

Here is a list of the committees and what they do:

  • Publicity Committee: design flyers, posters, and other promotional material for upcoming events; advertise events to promote membership to biology majors and minors
    Committee Head: Sara Ye,
  • Annual Events Committee: organize the four annual events: Professor-Student Mixer (aka Dining with a Professor), Alumni-Student Mixer, Darwin Day, and Senior Reception
    Committee Heads: Jake Sy, & Stephanie Chu,
  • Professional Development Committee: plan events that encompass a variety of important professional skills; organize opportunities for biology majors to explore different careers
    Committee Heads: Christine Pham, & Binh-An Nguyen,
  • Social Activities Committee: organize quarterly social events such as food outings, zoo trips, study sessions, and more; promote networking opportunities for the student community through social events
    Committee Heads: Jordan Lapira, & Jessica Yi,
  • Volunteer Committee: plan short-term volunteer events such as beach cleanups, book/toy drives, adoption drives, etc.; organize and promote joint volunteer programs with other campus groups
    Committee Head: Alice Xu,
  • Freshman Programs Committee: organize get-togethers for freshman students to meet each other; put on events targeted towards freshmen such as information sessions or socials, and coordinate the mentor-mentee program
    Committee Head: Vineet Tummala,
Email the committee head(s) if you're interested in joining or for more information!


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What are the points for?

Active members have priority to special events, such as the Professor Student Mixer, Zoo Trip, Aquarium Trip, etc.
People who earn the most membership points for the quarter are awarded with a prize (gift card) at the end of the quarter!

How do I earn points?

Members earn points for each event attended, including committee meetings, so remember to sign in! Also, if you can be a driver for an event, you can earn an extra point. And if you attend an event with your mentor/mentee, you can earn another point!!
Another opportunity: chalkboarding can earn you more than one points (i.e., chalkboarding at more than one lecture hall). Take a picture of the chalkboarding and send it to

How do I know how many points I have?

Email Whitney at!

Mentor-Mentee Program

What is the Mentor-Mentee Program?

The BSSA Mentor-Mentee Program is aimed towards, but not limited to, freshmen and transfer students at UC San Diego. In order to facilitate the transition to our institution, the program aims to pair the incoming student with an upperclassman Biology undergraduate at UC San Diego who share common interests and goals. In doing so, we act as a liaison in promoting the development of a positive relationship between the mentor and the mentee that will boost the personal growth of both interacting parties.
We encourage all those whom may be interested in participating in this highly rewarding experience to apply for the academic year!


Our mentors receive benefits such as discounts biology senior stoles! If you are a mentor for one year, you will receive a 50% discount and if you have mentored for 2 years, you receive a free stole!!

Please contact Vineet at

What are the goals of this program?

  • Providing a reliable and ongoing source of support for the mentee by a current upperclassman Biology student at UC San Diego.
  • Allocating mentees with a vast array of resources to assist in their success at UC San Diego including:
    • Advice on how to deal with stressful situations
    • Advice on obtaining a research position at a faculty member laboratory
    • Developing a structured class schedule plan that adequately provides a doable challenge for the new student in hopes of slowly adapting them to the UC system
    • Exposing students to academic advising services that are vital to their success