Academic and Career-Related Resources

We know that the transition from high school to college can be difficult and intimidating. Everything from choosing classes, to getting experience, to deciding what career path to take can be frustrating, especially without guidance. Keeping this in mind, our Mentorship committee wrote a series of helpful guides geared towards biology students at UCSD. These come from our own experiences and include advice on how to choose a career in biology, other biology-related organizations on campus, opportunities, and research experience. Feel free to check them out below!

First Year Intro to Biology Guide

Check out this 1st Year Intro to Bio Guide that explains different career tracks in biology and biology-related organizations!

Other Helpful Guides

Intro to Research

This document covers topics related to research - what is research, helpful student organizations, and other research opportunities.

How to Get Into Research

This document offers tips on how to get a research position, taking the pandemic into account.

Pre-Health Guide

This document explains possible health careers, volunteering opportunities, and gap year positions.