Feeding San Diego Food Bank

Feeding San Diego is a non-profit organization and local food bank that provideds thousands of meals to those in the San Diego area every week. Each dollar donated funds four meals! BSSA's Volunteer Committee regularly schedules service events with Feeding San Diego to help sort goods at the food bank. Look out for these events or visit the Feeding San Diego website for more information on how you can help this great cause:

BSSA Dare Boards

Every year, BSSA hosts an annual fundraiser for Feeding San Diego, a local food bank during Spring Quarter. While we may not be hosting a physical event this year, we would still like to help raise money to donate money to provide San Diegan families with much needed food during this stressful time.

This year we hosted our fundraiser over InstagramInstagram and FacebookFacebook. Our officers posted Dare Bingos where you can use Venmo to make donations to fill out bingo squares. Every time a bingo row was completed, the officers posted a video for each completed dare. All were donated to Feeding San Diego.

This year we more than doubled any previous Feeding San Diego fundraiser and raised $1032! Now, over 4000 meals will be served to San Diegan families! We are so thankful to all of our officers, BSSA community, and loved ones that have donated to this great cause--especially during such a pressing time. Thank you for your support and we are so ecstatic about this amazing success!

BSSA Brings the Heat

During the 2019-20 year, BSSA spiced up its annual Feeding San Diego fundraiser by deciding to challenge its officer board to a hot sauce tasting challenge instead of pieing our favorite UCSD professors!

Our first BSSA Brings the Heat successfully raised $407.75 (which is over 1600 meals!) for Feeding San Diego, meeting our $400 fundraising goal! As a result, all 17 of our officers faced ten levels of spiciness in our hot sauce challenge, streamed on Facebook Live!


We challenged UCSD students to make donations to Feeding San Diego in the name of a professor that they wanted to see get pied! Check out which of your professors have been previously pied by BSSA!