Helpful Graphics

We know this is a stressful time for many people. It is not easy to be taking classes online, spend your days indoors, and limit physical interaction with friends and family while you physically distance amongst so many other challenges quarantine brings. With that being said, the BSSA community still wants to support you in any way we can: so we will continue to bring you events that will help bring people together, keep you safe, and give you peace of mind. To supplement our events, some of committees have created helpful graphics for you to utilize both in and out of quarantine.

Interview Tips from PDC

Our PDC committee has put together some tips on how to practice professional development skills even while in quarantine! Learn how to prep for your next interview using this infographic for general tips as well as information on some popular interview types!

LinkedIn Tips from PDC

Our PDC committee has put together some general tips on how to utilize LinkedIn. Use this infographic to help you build your profile and expand your network!

DIY PPE: Face Coverings from Volunteer Committee

Our wonderful volunteer committee has created an amazing infographic to help teach you how to create your own protective face mask that you can wear when going outside to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. As a friendly reminder, please help keep our healthcare and other essential workers safe by making your own mask so these frontline works have access to the PPE they desperately need to carry out the work we all rely on safely. By wearing your own homemade mask and practicing physical distancing, you can help stop the transmission. For more information, please refer to the CDC Guidelines for Face Coverings