Interested in Becoming a BSSA Member?

As UCSD's largest biology organization, BSSA provides the undergraduate community with a plethora of events--everything from professional development workshops to socials, and more! We are dedicated to assisting you throughout your college journey, including its academic, professional, personal, and social aspects. As a member, you will be provided with abundant resources, mentorships, networks, and workshops that will further your success. With our exclusive faculty and alumni network, you will be able to explore all fields in the division of biology and more. You can find more information about what BSSA is, our values, and our events here:

While membership is not required to attend our events, we highly encourage you consider registering to become a member! Member registration allows you to gain BSSA points for attending BSSA events, which are counted towards active membership. BSSA values its involved and dedicated members as we recognize that it is your time and support that allows us to grow as an organization. Active BSSA members have multiple benefits such as discounts off senior stoles and are eligible to become BSSA officers (if they are a part of at least one BSSA committee). Participation in various aspects of BSSA is weighted differently as shown to the right.